Monday, February 25, 2008

This is driving me crazy!

I have been trying to make some candles.
I've done this before--I don't understand why EVERYTHING has to go wrong this time!

Perhaps it's because I am trying to make these for someone else (a secret pal), rather than myself, so I am holding myself up to ridiculously high standards.
Or perhaps some little imp has invaded my kitchen and is happily knocking over the cup of melting wax, twisting the wick after I walk away so the candle is crooked, cooling it unevenly, and just wreaking havoc in general.


It's for a gift I have to send out TOMORROW, and at this rate it'll be Thursday before I get it together!


On the plus side, the house smells fabulous, because my pal likes fruity scents, so I found a really yummy pomegranite scent. :-)

Also, my sister sent me some Kusmi Spicy Chocolate tea that is incredibly tasty. It's a really black, dark tea, with hints of chocolate, and other spices (orange, maybe? I can't distinguish the different spices right now). I'm really grooving on it, so the candle debacle is not so prominent in my mind. Hah.

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