Sunday, August 31, 2008

Felted Basket

My sister is getting married in I volunteered to do something crafted for the kidlets that are going to be at the wedding...

I also wanted to make the basket that her flower fairy daughter will carry down the aisle and throw leaves from (rather than rose petals! Too cool!)..

So daughter, Cutie, loves pink and princess and fairy...the wedding is fall colors, chocolate and moss and the I made is felted wool, moss green, with a scalloped upper edge in chocolate brown. It is my first felted project, and it turned out really neat!
I forgot to take pictures of the pre-felted project, but I will take pictures of the post-felted project. The first basket I did was all brown, and took exactly one ball of Wool of the Andes Highland Bulky, in Fedora...I added some persimmon Heathered WOTA fingering yarn for two rounds, and hated it, but after some SERIOUS felting (two runs in the washer, with some hand felting in between) it stiffened up nicely and looks kinda neat--as a bowl not a basket.
The pattern I based mine off of is the felted bowl pattern from the book Felted Crochet...only I can't seem to follow a pattern when there's so many interesting things to do, so it is actually quite different. The major difference between the first one, all brown, and the second of moss, is that I used 2 hook sizes smaller on the second project.
I'll try to post the exact pattern here--I adlibbed ("scumbled") the edge, so the number of stitches was not right at the top of the bowl for the type of edge I did...more later because I must now go wash a cat...