Friday, September 08, 2006

For The Next Potluck

I'm making this.

Heh. It's jsut so wrong.
But it's Weight Watchers!


I finally finished the purse...sort of. I still have to do the handle, which involves me learning how to do the I-cord stitch. But the purse part is done!
I'm not sure how much I like the front flap--I have some ideas on how to change it...Pictures will be coming soon...

Meanwhile, I managed to trash yet another KK hook--I knit too tight and the
rubber handle starts to slide off of the hook, and after a while it's really loose and just kinda twists around when you try to knit. I knit so tight that I can't use chenille or I break the threads (I'm working on this, honest!).

So, I decided to experiment with glue.

What glue, hmmm...what glue...[looks through the house for glue]

Hey, I have superglue! And, white glue! And, um, that's it.

Superglue it is, then.

How I did it was I pulled the hook out about 2 inches from the rubber handle, then put superglue on the metal, then pushed the metal back in, overshooting a bit so it was sticking out the back end...there's a little rubber nubby that pops out of the back end, and it's easily glued back in when you're done.

I then put glue on the metal end sticking out the back, and pushed that end back in (until it was in the right place (I used the cement porch to help me with all the pushing, so I didn't get glued to the hook)

Then I stuck the little nubby thing back in.

[momentary interlude--the speckled hen for whom this page is named just came walking in through the open front door. She does this. I'm not sure what disturbs me more: that she might poop, or that she finds SO much to eat on our carpet!]

Now: You have to _leave_it_alone_ for about ten minutes...usually with superglue, it's instant, but for some reason with the metal and rubber, it's not.

But hey, it gives you time to pick all the superglue off your fingers, right? Heh!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

No posts?

There's a reason I've not posted for a few days/weeks whatever--I'm exhausted!

This new swimming class is kicking my BUTT.

I have started a little purse-critter, though it's just sitting there about 3/4 finished, until I have the energy to get back to it.

A friend of mine had a great suggestion as to how to learn a new stitch--just do a 6"x6" square, or even 8"x8"...and then when you have a bunch of them, join them together to make a blanket or afghan.

I like it!

My goal is to learn a new stitch every week or every other week, considering how wiped I am right now...

On the computer end of the creative gauntlet, I must say: Dreamweaver is ridiculously easy.

I think I'm gonna hit my home page this weekend and see if I can get it organized and prettified... the link is, but don't go there yet as it's really old and out of date and frankly, pretty tacky.
Soon, though, it'll be all pretty and easily navigable, and cool. And informative, too. :-)