Wednesday, September 06, 2006

No posts?

There's a reason I've not posted for a few days/weeks whatever--I'm exhausted!

This new swimming class is kicking my BUTT.

I have started a little purse-critter, though it's just sitting there about 3/4 finished, until I have the energy to get back to it.

A friend of mine had a great suggestion as to how to learn a new stitch--just do a 6"x6" square, or even 8"x8"...and then when you have a bunch of them, join them together to make a blanket or afghan.

I like it!

My goal is to learn a new stitch every week or every other week, considering how wiped I am right now...

On the computer end of the creative gauntlet, I must say: Dreamweaver is ridiculously easy.

I think I'm gonna hit my home page this weekend and see if I can get it organized and prettified... the link is, but don't go there yet as it's really old and out of date and frankly, pretty tacky.
Soon, though, it'll be all pretty and easily navigable, and cool. And informative, too. :-)

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