Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's cleaned up..

...and all spankin' new with links and all...
I think I may do the separation after all--I was going to merge this with my main blog, but I don't think I will after all. If you want to read the other one, that will be all headspace and not handspace, then by all means feel free.
If you want patterns, ideas, links, and general crafti HOLY FUCK!!!!!!

I knocked it into my kleenex box and handed the whole thing over to ttk. "I guess I'm getting rid of that, huh?"
me: "Get a picture first--I wasnt people to SEE what just tried to eat me. And no, I don't want the kleenex back."

where was I?
-----and general crafting stuff, then you're in the right place ~SHUDDER~ (sorry, another spider aftershock)

What I want to know is How the HELL did that Thing get in here, and how did it get so far before I noticed it?

ugh ... ... ugh ... ... ugh ... ... ugh ... ... ugh

I'm going to go change my clothes now. And scratch my whole body with a scrub brush.

No, I'm not afraid of spiders, unless they're the size of my cat.

TTK is in the other room, camera and tripod in hand, cackling madly to himself. I'm not going in there.

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