Thursday, August 17, 2006


Well, I'm figuring out how to edit CSS...slowly, very slowly.
I think this counts as a creative endeavour, and that's what this blog is for...

So I start school in 4 days.
Well, re-start school...would you believe I already have 2 bachelor's degrees?
Then I had brain, I struggle along gamely trying to learn (re-learn?) what I can.
I'm taking 3 classes at the JC...

2 computer courses (beginning dreamweaver, and html 3...I'd like to take intro to CSS, but the html course is the prerequisite so I'm stuck) and an adaptive physical education course--swimming.
Whoever thoguht of the name for the handicapped exercise courses was just cruel--as if we don't have enough problems, note the abbreviation: APE. So I'm taking APE 10.1 or something.

Once I get going, expect a new look and feel on this and my other pages. Also, I'll be coding a site for a non-profit, once I get some more advanced skills--I can make UGLY web pages, but that's really not going to do for a REAL entity, unlike my own pathetic pages (templates are little miracles, aren't they? Think of how ugly the web would be...).

Loom Stuff

Currently, I'm making a hat for my little nephew. Hats are easy, so I always have to make things more complicated--I'm using three strands of yarn, and trying to do a double stitch. THAT was almost impossible: It got so tight that I couldn't get the yarn over the pegs, and I was at risk of breaking pegs/hook/fingers/ I cut off one of the yarn threads, and now I'm doing it with 2 yarns and a double stitch.
Luckily, I've included an eyelash-style yarn so you can't find where I cut the other yarn...and I did it as I was making the brim, as well, so the ends got tucked in and it looks like I did an extra thick stitch for the brim (which I did ;-), then changed deliberately (again, I did, but not for the usual reasons of appearance or style...).

His favorite color is a turquoisey/seafoam kinda green, so this is going to be a very colorful hat.
I'll upload a picture when I get it finished...and when I get around to it, I'll upload pictures of the 6 or so dog sweaters I've done, all modeled by my mother's dog Fancy and my dog Pocky. :-)

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